Keith Allred

Keith Allred is a fifth-generation Idahoan. After graduating from Twin Falls High in 1983 he earned a BA in American History at Stanford and a Ph.D. at UCLA. An internationally recognized expert in negotiation and conflict resolution, he was a professor at Columbia University for three years before joining the faculty at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where he taught for seven years. Since moving back to Idaho, Keith has continued to teach in short programs for senior public and private sector executives at Harvard and Oxford. He was the 2004-2005 Church Distinguished Professor of Public Policy at BSU.

As a professional mediator, Keith has helped manage and resolve many disputes, particularly focusing on conflicts unique to the American West including disputes involving public lands, hydroelectric dams, water, and Indian tribes.

Having grown-up working summers on his family’s cattle ranch, he now enjoys competing on his cutting horse, qualifying in three classes for the national championships last year. He is also an enthusiastic fly-fisherman, skier, backpacker, and snowmachiner. An active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he served a mission to northern Germany and has served as a bishop twice. He is married to Christine Edwards Allred. They are the proud parents of Anna, Dan, and Cate.