How It Works

1. Members of The Common Interest picked what they considered to be the most important issues coming before the Legislature.

To take this first step, we began each year by asking legislative leaders and members of the press to identify those issues that they thought would be significant during the session.  We then posted the 25 most frequently mentioned issues, including a brief description of each, on our website. Finally, we invited our members to rate the importance of each issue ranging from “1” or “not important” to “4” or “very important.

2. The Common Interest developed briefing materials on each of the issues

In this second step, we developed policy briefs, not position papers. Our members wanted to be briefed on the question at hand, not told a “right” answer. We interviewed competing interests on each issue and worked diligently to capture their perspectives fairly. We also reviewed the best available research and facts. Finally, we solicited feedback on drafts of the brief from those we interviewed and continued to refine it until all sides indicated that we had fully and fairly captured the issue.

3. The Common Interest in Action randomly assigned each member to review the brief for one issue and share their views

As soon as our members weighed in, The Common Interest in Action compiled the results and made them available to members of the Idaho legislature, members of the press, and on our website.

4. When a two-thirds consensus emerged, The Common Interest in Action advocated for that position in the Legislature and added it to our legislative scorecard.